International Women’s Day Brunch

The International Women’s day lunch at Tuileries in March 2018 was very well attended and those that were there were greatly entertained by our guest speaker, Ros Bauer. Congratulations to those that made it happen. We hope to see you back again next year.

Ros Bauer is an adult educator, mother, daughter, sister and grandmother. She was the inaugural winner of the national Excellence in Adult Language Literacy Numeracy Practice Award and an international fellowship recipient, investigating adult education initiatives in Scandinavia. Ros is also a member of prestigious VET Alumni and Board member of Adult Learning Australia. Ros’s most recent professional development has been in the area of neuroscience and education, with particular interest in the way that narrative enhances learning and memory.  Ros’ real passion is working in spaces where social inclusion and community development are priorities, evident in her and commitment to adult literacy initiatives in the Northern Territory in the last several years. Her work in the Tanami Desert in building community capacity around adult literacy has only been possible through the close friendships and cultural guidance she has received from strong Warlpiri women.  In her professional life Ros most enjoys mentoring other women in the discipline of adult literacy and in her personal life she loves nothing more than going bush.