Our homage to Tommy McRae continues

The third and final part of the homage is nearly complete. The canoe, worked by Waradgerie artist Lorraine Connelly-Northey from a discarded First Settler water pipe, has been set onto the stones as if Tommy just pulled it from the water after fishing for his family. An information sign describing her vision is ready to […]

The Tommy McRae project, an update…

We are underway! Thanks to Ricky Hiskins and Dave Edwards, our new art work – Stage 2 of the Tommy McRae Project by Waradgerie sculptor Lorraine Connelly-Northey – is edging closer to installation. With patience and precision, Ricky and his crane moved the two heavy rocks into position. Once these have settled and weeds have […]

The Tommy McRae project continues

Walking around the Lake, visitors and locals have all admired the Tommy McRae tribute which glistens in the sunlight and off the water. Walkers might be wondering why there are new rocks positioned near the platform? Arts Rutherglen is delighted to announce that Stage 2 of the Tribute is a new sculpture that will connect […]

Tommy McRae Tribute – Opening Celebration

We are thrilled to invite you to celebrate with us our official opening of the Tommy McRae Tribute at Lake King Park in Rutherglen on Saturday April 23rd. This celebration will have two sessions. Session One is free and open to all and will be at the Viewing Deck at 4– 5:30pm. No ticket required. […]

Tommy McRae Tribute- Stage 1 at Lake King

You may have noticed a new sculpture at Lake King. Stage 1 of the proposed Tommy McRae tribute has been installed. It is a replica of a 1890 drawing, by Tommy McRae’s, from his Bremnar notebook (housed at the National Library). The sculpture has been endorsed by Tommy McRae’s family.  The sculpture was fabricated and […]