Thank you Frank Prem

Arts Rutherglen had the great pleasure of hosting Frank Prem, poet and story teller extraordinaire, in an afternoon’s immersion into his life’s experiences through verse. The simple images he evoked in his readings were the stuff of touching memories. Having grown up in Beechworth and working as a ‘mental health creature’ (that is a psychiatric nurse) at Mayday Hills, Frank’s free form poetry ranged from his mischievous boyhood growing up as a child of migrant parents, his antics during psychiatric nurse training, his descriptions of the oddities and poignancy of a public mental health system and most recently to his love poetry and his deep understanding of the fragility and beauty of nature. Frank has been inspired by events around him that he translates into minimalist verse that is moving both in its beauty and its terror. Sensitive in his approach and very approachable in his content, Frank’s stories and verse drew laughter and sighs of heartfelt understanding. A published author of many anthologies, Frank Prem can be visited on Arts Rutherglen are very appreciative of Caffeine n Machine for providing a unique venue and excellent hospitality and are in great admiration of the diplomatic handling by Meg and Nick on the arrival of 100 (one hundred!) unexpected bikies who thought they should make their presence felt with a mighty Harley roar!