Portal 6: A Splash of Summer and Bill’s Bench

A Splash of Summer

A Splash of Summer is a new mural at the entrance of the Rutherglen Swimming Pool. The work was commissioned by Arts Rutherglen and the Rutherglen Swimming Pool with a grant from Indigo Shire Council. The mural was painted by Ronan Holdsworth.

Bill’s Bench

Part of the portal is a new bench called Bill’s bench. The bench is made from the original diving board from the Rutherglen Swimming Pool. The bench is installed in memory of Bill Meagher.

Bill was a volunteer to many organisations in Rutherglen includingRutherglen Lifesaving and Swimming Club, Rutherglen Neighbourhood Watch, Rutherglen Primary School and High School, Rutherglen Junior Football Club Glenview at Indigo North Health, Indigo Shire Community Grants Committee and St Stephen’s Anglican Church.

About the Artist: Ronan Holdsworth ( A Splash of Summer)

Ronan Holdsworth was born in Camden, NSW in 1971. Ronan grew up in the 80’s.  As a skateboarder he started experimenting with graffiti, a form of art that has always captured his imagination. Painting murals has been a part of his art practice ever since. After travelling the world, Ronan discovered what could be achieved in mural paining on a large scale with tools other than  just a spray can. Ronan now uses mostly brushes and rollers, to achieve a painterly effect in hi s murals.  Ronan has had opportunities to to work with ski industry companies to produce artwork for their products. This includes companies such as Polly”n”Co snowboards, Catalyst Snowboards, Broken Tree Media, Savage Panda Snowboards, Golden Goose Ski Lodge, Shitty Titties Snow Co and many more. 

Ronan loves snowboarding and he also worked in ski resorts for 20 yrs. During this work Ronan discovered his  passion for photography. He worked as a photographer at Thredbo Resort and still likes to capture landscape images.

Ronan currently lives in Wangaratta. Being self taught and having epilepsy has not stopped Ronan from achieving some of his life long goals and enjoying his art career to the fullest. 

Ronan has recently worked with  organisations in North East Victoria and regional NSW including :

  • Jewellers Co Working Wangaratta
  • Two Short Blokes Winery
  • Wodonga Council
  • Indigo Shire
  • Wangaratta High School,
  • Arts Rutherglen/Rutherglen Swim Club,
  • Poachers Paradise Hotel Rutherglen
  • The Other Place Cafe, Rutherglen

Ronan’s work has been exhibited in:

  • Gallery Rutherglen 
  • Rutherglen Tastes of Art Prize
  • Chiltern Art Prize 
  • Wodonga Arts Center 
  • Wangaratta Art Show ( winner of the Creative Excellence Award)

Website: Ronan Holdsworth Gallery
Instagram: Ronan Holdsworth Gallery
Facebook:Ronan Holdsworth Gallery