Tastes of Art Prize Photography Categories

Photography Categories

Illustrative – $1000

The Illustrative category aims to recognize photographs taken or produced to illustrate a subject or topic.  The images may be conceptual or representative in nature.  Examples include images taken to illustrate a magazine article, scientific publication, website or book cover, but may also be outtakes from assignments, stock photography or part of a personal project.  Creative compositing techniques may be used.


Places – $1000

This category is intended for landscape images that depict the natural or urban environment.  Entries may be literal or interpretative. 


People – $1000

Portraiture photography is broadly defined and can include family, corporate, travel, creative and interpretive portraits.  Entries in the Portrait Category will be judged broadly, based on content, impact and professional quality.


Animal – $1000

This category is intended for images of domesticated pets, farm animals and captive/zoo animals.

Pet/animal photography is broadly defined and can include studio portraiture, documentary, corporate, travel, creative and illustrative portraits.  The animal(s) must be the primary subject of an image entered into this category. Images may contain one or more people, as long as the primary subject is the relationship or interaction between the animal(s) and the person or people.  If it could be interpreted that a person is the primary subject, the image may be better suited to another category.