The Tommy McRae project continues

Walking around the Lake, visitors and locals have all admired the Tommy McRae tribute which glistens in the sunlight and off the water.

Walkers might be wondering why there are new rocks positioned near the platform?

Arts Rutherglen is delighted to announce that Stage 2 of the Tribute is a new sculpture that will connect with the family grouping and will be coming soon.

Our new art work by Waradgerie sculptor Lorraine Connelly-Northey, is her tribute to Tommy McRae (Yackadun) as as a First Nations Elder, a provider for his family and a custodian of Country and culture.

Her work, like his, will invite us to imagine the traditional lifestyle of First Nations people in this tranquil and special place of remnant vegetation.

As soon as the ground dries out enough for Ricky Hiskin’s heavy equipment, more rocks will be moved into place and installation of the final work can commence.

Arts Rutherglen wishes to thank Indigo Shire Council, De Bortoli’s and the locals who have generously sponsored this project.

…So watch the spot and keep your fingers crossed for a drier Spring!

Lorraine & Ro Porter choosing the site

Mossy Jim’s Rocks doing a delivery