Young artists of Rutherglen Part 3 : Meet Bylee Allison and Josie Beattie

Arts Rutherglen are thrilled to introduce 6 local, young artists from Rutherglen High School in the lead up to the 2022 Rutherglen Tastes of Art Prize.  In part 3 (below) meet Bylee Allison and Josie Beattie

The Rutherglen Tastes of Art Prize  Youth Award is open to all young artists (Under 18). In 2022, with thanks to the Indigo Shire Council, we are offering 3 Youth Awards of $250 each.

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Bylee Allison

Hello. My name is Bylee Allison and I am a student at Rutherglen High School completing my final year of school in 2021.
For my Year 12 art piece, I have focused on textiles art, specifically a contemporary take on the art of weaving. I was inspired by the beautiful colours of the sunsets our community is gifted with.
I created this weaving on a hand-made, asymmetrical-shaped loom, working in concentric circles of soft, delicate colours. I tried to focus on creating fine details and textures as well as replicating the many shades found in the evening sky.
Colour is used deliberately in this piece. The central tones of yellow have been used to represent the sun. This yellow then radiates outwards into various shades of pink, purple and blue. The materials used to create this work were different yarns and wools, chosen for their colour as well as their varying textures.
I wanted this piece to have a soft, gentle and inviting feeling.







Josie Beattie

My name is Josie Beattie and I am a year 12 student at Rutherglen High School. My final art pieces were centred around people.

I’ve always had a fascination with how humans compose themselves and have incredibly individual styles, personalities and ambitions. My first artwork (image left), a 2 x 1m portrait of a close family friend is meant to symbolise her as a person through both the chaotic and random embroidery and textiles used, but also through colour. I used warm colour to focus on her welcoming charm and cool colours to enhance the soothing effect she has on others. I was inspired by works with colour. I think colour is an artist’s most important tool and I used it as my main element to present ones ‘true self’.



My second artwork (image right)  represented ‘self’ in a different way. I wanted to express the struggles I have personally faced during COVID by creating a piece that I feel was relatable to many, particularly young people who faced difficulties in school, friendships and mental health. I wanted to express the idea of constantly being told how to think and feel about issues and matters during COVID by the government, the media, and other opinionated groups. The piece also shows the struggle of learning about yourself and trying to grow in a private setting without the support of those around you.

Both my artworks are symbolically important to me and portray how I see myself and the people I love around me.


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